TodaysArt Festival 2017, September 22 + 23

This year the festival, renown for its signature program of pioneering digital art, experimental electronic music and audiovisual performances, includes headlining shows by Hauschka, Ata Kak, Laurel Halo and ‘Still be Here’ with Hatsune Miku.

TodaysArt returns to the city centre of The Hague to present its latest edition. The two-day festival takes place in multiple venues of the National Theatre: Theater aan het Spui and Filmhuis Den Haag. For the very first time, TodaysArt is also transforming the city’s classical royal theatre – Koninklijke Schouwburg – into a progressive multifunctional playground housing 4 headlining concerts, 4 clubs and 1 exhibition.

With experimental works inside classical settings, TodaysArt builds a complex reality that deepens the contrasts between location, time, content, creators, and audience. In light with this year’s curatorial theme on the opacity of algorithmic systems, the festival seeks contradictions, the unexpected, clarity and chaos, and occasionally, a disturbing reality check. A full program announcement including art installations, panels, talks and additional performances will follow over the next weeks.

TodaysArt 2017 confirmed artists:

Ata Kak [GHA] | Christian Löffler [DE] | Hauschka [DE] | “Still Be Here” with Hatsune Miku [JP] (Dutch preimière) | Sote + Tarik Barri [IR/NL] (Dutch preimière) | Thomas Ankersmit [NL] (world preimière)

Aleksi Perala [FI] | Tomasa del Real [ES] | Toxe [SE] | Boska + Charlotte Bendiks [NO/NO] | Inga Mauer [RU] | Legowelt [NL] | Laurel Halo [US] (Dutch preimière) | Marie Davidson [CA] | NAAFI [MX] | N.M.O. [ES/NO/DE] | Olivia [PL] | Ron Morelli [US] | Clap! Clap! [IT]

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