TodaysArt Lab facilitates creators to integrate creative practices into society

TodaysArt Lab acts as a constructive environment by integrating and applying creative practices into society by researching and developing new tools together with creators. The TodaysArt Lab aims to reduce the gap between the free, experimental and often abstract world of the arts and daily life. The Lab’s main goal is to get people connected with their environment again, thereby helping us understand, reveal and contextualize ourselves and our position in our surroundings.

The Lab offers facilities to creators (artists, designers, architects, academics, scientists, etc.) working from the fields of media, technology, science and architecture allowing them to research and develop new projects and integrating these in society. The Lab offers a network of skilled and able professionals, it can be seen as a modern guild in which creative entrepreneurs combine forces to merge different practices in a creative ecological system.

TodaysArt Lab collaborates with creators, knowledge institutes, media, governmental bodies, cultural institutions, companies, education institutions and academies and entrepreneurs.

Please contact us for more information or other inquiries regarding TodaysArt Lab.