Bright Collisions Symposium 2014

Bright Collisions is TodaysArt’s international Summit dedicated to creativity and society, a meeting point with a cross sector focus aimed to promote transdisciplinary talent, ideas and opportunities.

Bright Collisions refers to a specific moment in time in which people from usually disconnected backgrounds come together out of either necessity or curiosity. The main idea of the Summit lies in its paradoxical title. These collisions, either directed especially for this Summit or displayed, can contribute to developing a greater understanding of, or initiating alternate perspectives on, a range of contemporary and urgent topics in society.

Some of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners meet, discuss current developments and urgent issues, present challenging ideas and foster holistic approaches in several programs. The Summit features several programs staged in collaboration with many partners and networks, including ‘Sensory Experience’, ‘Ubiquitous Art and Sound’, ‘Failed Architecture’, ‘Tools for an Unknown Future’, ‘Moon-Mars Exploration through Arts, Science and Innovation’ (organized by the European Space Agency), ‘Expulsions’ and ‘TodaysArt Network’.

Creative experts, policy makers, technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, companies and researchers from various backgrounds will look at what creative solutions can contribute to society in a time when the forms, values and relations of technology, media and social structures are changing, intertwining and exerting forces on each other. Available knowledge is reconfigured to facilitate our interaction with the world of today and tomorrow. In order to create a cohesive view on these developments, the topics are approached from various scientific, social, historical, futuristic and artistic perspectives on both a practical as well as a theoretical level.

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September 24th – 25th + 27th, 2014


Zuiderstrandtheater – Foyer 1st floor
Zuiderstrandtheater – Studio Ground/2nd floor

The Program

September 24th, 2014: Sensory Experience
In ‘Sensory Experience’, a variety of academics, scientists and artists active in the field of sensory experience will discuss the experience of sensory-based actions that intermingle our sense of smell, taste, sight, sound and touch.
[Arthur I. Miller| Frances Crow - Liminal | Jan Edler - Realities:united | Joris Hoogeboom + Teun Verkerk - Buqs | Mark Bain | Naomi Schipfer + Takami Nakamoto - NONOTAK ]

September 24th, 2014: Ubiquitous Art and Sound
The intangible aspects, qualities and possibilities of art and sound in public and private spaces are getting more powerful and are increasingly present in contemporary urban life.
[Beer van Geer - Universal Mediaman | Chris Salter - Hexagram Concordia Centre of Research | Jonathan Reus - iii | Karel Lancel + Hermen Maat | Yota Morimoto]

September 24th, 2014: Failed Architecture: Scheveningen's Seaside Architecture
Failed Architecture hosts the debate 'Scheveningen's Seaside Architecture' in which experts and stakeholders explore the defamed architecture and tourist infrastructure of Scheveningen, taking into account international and historical perspectives.
[Elena Cabrera Vaces | Failed Architecture | Jaqueline Heerema | Thimo de Nijs]

September 25th, 2014: ESA: Moon-Mars Exploration through Arts, Science and Innovation
The European Space Agency (ESA) is Europe's gateway to space. Together with a strong team of scientists and artists, ESA triggers our imagination by revealing the newest discoveries about Moon-Mars Exploration.
[Anne Hill | Bernard Foing - European Space Agency | Christian Waldvogel | Hans van 't Woud - Cerberus | Irene lia Schlacht | Marit Mihklepp - ArtScience Interfaculty | Rob Le Frenais]

September 25th, 2014: Tools for an Unknown Future
The ‘Tools for an Unknown Future’ module features keynotes, talks and a panel by world leading practitioners and thinkers from the fields of art, digital culture, design, urban planning, media, and innovation.
[Daito Manabe - Rhizomatiks | Donald van Dansik | Frederik de Wilde | Tom Higham - FutureEverything]

September 27th, 2014: Keynote - Expulsions - Saskia Sassen + Panel: Pedro Gadanho + Ethel Baraona Pohl + Daniel van der Velden + Michiel van Iersel
In 'Expulsions' Saskia Sassen will give a keynote lecture in the framework of her latest publication 'Expulsions: Brutality and Complexity in the Global Economy'. The keynote will be followed by a panel discussion with Pedro Gadanho (MoMA) and others.
[Daniel van der Velde - Metahaven | Ethel Baraona Pohl | Michiel van Iersel | Pedro Gadanho - MoMA New York | Saskia Sassen]

September 27th, 2014: TodaysArt Network
In the TodaysArt Network program we invite the people behind the TodaysArt platforms in Japan, Russia, Mexico and India, as well as close partners from the broader network involved in a variety of collaborative projects, to talk about their vision behind these initiatives.
[Alain Mongeau - MUTEK | Aleksandra Danilova - Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts | Avinash Kumar - UnBox Festival | Gwyneth Wentink - TodaysArt | Ivan Anatov - TodaysArt.RU | Jarl Schulp - FIBER | Josue Ibañez – COCOLAB | Masaaki “Ish” Ishizaki – TodaysArt.JP | Thymen Kouwenaar|

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