Bright Collisions symposium, 4DSOUND, Saturday afternoon outdoor stage, new program additions, ticket information and more.

The start of TodaysArt 2015 is just a little over a month away, so it is time to start raising the curtain and tell you more about this year’s amazing program: read on for exciting news about all the artists that will take you on an adventurous journey above the sea.

On Friday 25 September and Saturday 26 September, The Pier will be the center of the TodaysArt Festival 2015. TodaysArt will transform the Scheveningen Pier into a unique venue above the waves, hosting performances, club programs and installations. There will be interventions on The Pier, on the beach, in the sea and in the air.

The Bright Collisions symposium will take place on The Pier on Friday 25 September and Saturday 26 September.

From Thursday 24 September until Sunday 27 September, you can experience the 4DSOUND performances in the Electriciteitsfabriek.

Keep an eye on your inbox, our festival website (launching on the 31st of August) and our social media channels, because there will be many more announcements over the next few weeks.

Bright Collisions symposium on September 25 and 26

TodaysArt will present the fourth edition of Bright Collisions in the framework of the festival on Friday 25 and Saturday 26 September on The Pier in Scheveningen.

Bright Collisions is an international symposium program dedicated to creativity and society, a meeting point with a cross-sector focus aiming to promote transdisciplinary ideas.The Bright Collisions program is composed of several themed sessions. The programs – staged in collaboration with many partners – allow you to explore a creative range of contemporary and urgent topics in society.

One of the main Bright Collisions sessions is part of the two-day ‘ZEROnow: a symposium on the topicality of ZERO’, a collaboration between TodaysArt, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the ZERO Foundation and Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. The first day in the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam on Thursday 24 September includes sessions on ‘Curating ZERO’, ‘The Artist as Curator’ and ‘Topicality of ZERO’ and features Rem Koolhaas (OMA) and Prof. Bruce Altshuler (NYU) amongst others. The second day on The Pier on Friday 25 September is themed ZERO beyond the white cube’. This program sheds light on the original 1965 concept for ‘ZERO on Sea’ and artists will talk about their (site-specific) work for The Pier at TodaysArt. More information can be found here.

In addition to the sessions about ZERO, the Bright Collisions program will also include many other sessions on redesigning our relations to natural systems, sensory experience and enhanced realities, architectural explorations of piers, space science in the arts, hacking the body and much more.

More information about the Bright Collisions sessions, participants and partners will be released in the coming weeks. Entrance to the symposium programs is included in the Festival and Day passes. Separate Bright Collisions day tickets are now available in our ticketshop.

Outdoor stage on the upper deck of The Pier on Saturday afternoon

In addition to the club program, there will be an outdoor program on the upper deck of The Pier on Saturday afternoon with a genre-defying and highly danceable line-up. Auntie Flo will present his Afro-futurist sounds. The two-man band Session Victim are expected to unleash an unparalleled energy in their performance, demonstrating a charming disregard for the boundaries of house music. Dj, producer and digger Young Marco will bring his collection of strange gems and unclassics. I-F returns to TodaysArt to represent the Dutch West Coast sound and to close the stage with a notorious set packed with old, new, rare, and obscure italo, techno and house sounds.

New additions to club program

To create an unforgettable party above the North Sea, we needed seriously skilled artists willing to compete with the sound of the sea and the shore breeze. These artists will relate to the waves using their own waves, made of sound. There will be two club spaces on The Pier: Zuid -1 (a former restaurant) and Zuid +1 (a former casino).

The Saturday program for Zuid +1 is now fully confirmed. Loscil will perform work from the appropriately titled album ‘Sea Island’, an enchanting collection of electronic ambient compositions and visuals. Sebastien Robert will debute a new set. Low Jack will come at you with grinding, psychedelic electronics and Ketev will present his post techno-project made by phasing patterns from reel-to-reel tape loops that are manipulated by 4-track cassette decks, resulting in dark and heavy sounds. Cassegrain + Tin Man will present their unique brand of deep techno and acid. Acronym is on board for a deep techno live set, followed by heavyweight Regis who will conclude the Saturday night program.

The previously announced program on Friday 25 September for the Zuid -1 program features Electric Indigo + Thomas Wagensommerer, Ellen Allien, Group A, Rrose, Yobkiss and Zamilska.

The previously announced program on Saturday 26 September for the Zuid -1 program features Lorenzo Senni, Lotic, DJ Nigga Fox, Prefuse 73 and Suicideyear.

Works: chalking robot, LED Surfers, diamond dust and lots more

Drawing inspiration from ‘ZERO on Sea’ and the location; contemporary makers will present existing projects and works that were made specifically for this location. It was quite a challenge to compose a program with so many talented and eager makers out there, but we’re very proud to announce a second round of projects that will excite, inspire and challenge you.

HeHe will perform the work ‘Radiant Beach’ (developed in collaboration with TAAK): a glowing beach landscape on the beach at night. Surf Lab Scheveningen’s Julian Yoshi van Vliet will present ‘LED Surfing’, a visual spectacle taking place on the sea that involves, you guessed it, surfers and LEDs. Daan Brinkmann, Rene Bakker and Daniel Berio have created ‘Chalk-E’, a robot that creates chalk patterns on several spots on the boulevard during the festival.

Artist and scientist Vladimir Grafov uses the natural habit of The Pier as playground for powerful lasers by using the rhythm of the waves and Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand will exhibit two of their artscience works; one of these is ‘Photonic Wind’, in which an Yves Klein-blue laser beam levitates and propels diamond micropowder into a vacuum chamber.

Germaine Kruip will present a newly commissioned work in which a black round shadow is projected into the sky at night. She uses an abstract language that will play with the perception of what is being depicted. Within the magical relation between sea, men and language, Lotte Geeven developed ‘Walter’, an oracle-algorithm that gives the sea a voice.

And last but not least, Satellietgroep is producing and curating a new site-specific work by Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde.

4DSOUND - Noqturnl

4DSOUND at the E.ON Electriciteitsfabriek: Circadian + Techno Is Space

We are thrilled to announce that TodaysArt.NL will host the world premier of 4DSOUND: Circadian. From 24 to 27 September you can experience interactive spatial sound performances in various daytime, evening and overnight programs in the Electriciteitsfabriek. The program includes interdisciplinary work from a diverse set of artists created exclusively with and for 4DSOUND in the form of immersive sonic and a/v meditation, participative spatial performances, sound and movement workshops and a conference. The Circadian program features Lisa Park, Marco Donnarumma, Michelle Lewis-King, Kazuya Nagaya, Robert Jan Liethoff and the overnight a/v meditation project ‘Noqturnl’ by John Connell and Florence To. The Techno Is Space program features performances by Oscar Mulero and Cassegrain. The 4DSOUND program is included in the TodaysArt Festival and Day passes, although reservation will be required for some of the performances. Separate 4DSOUND tickets and reservation options will be available from the 31st of August. More info:


Presale tickets for TodaysArt.NL Festival 2015 are still available. The last batch of pre-sale tickets will become available on the 31st of August. In addition to the earlier announced ticket types, there are now more options. You can now get day tickets for the Thursday and Sunday programs, which will give you access to the full 4DSOUND program on these days. Single day tickets and night tickets will be available from the 31st of August.

Dutch CJP pass-holders will be able to buy a Festival Pass with a discount from the 31st of August. All students will be able to buy a Bright Collisions day-ticket with a discount. Next to this, we will introduce the F.A.S.T. accommodation discount again; with a valid festival ticket you will receive discount on your stay at F.A.S.T.. We can’t stretch it enough; the festival has very limited capacity. Make sure you get you tickets in time!

Ticket Shop:

Available now:

Festival pass – 24-27 September – Pier + Kurhaus + Electriciteitsfabriek* + Bright Collisions: 50 EUR

Friday pass – 25 September – Pier + Kurhaus + Bright Collisions + Electriciteitsfabriek* (4DSOUND: 25 September 09:00 – 26 September 23:00): 35 EUR

Saturday pass – 26 September – Pier + Bright Collisions + Electriciteitsfabriek* (4DSOUND: 26 September 09:00 – 27 September 12:00): 35 EUR

Support pass – 24-27 September – Pier + Kurhaus + Electriciteitsfabriek* + Bright Collisions – includes an extra contribution to support the festival: 100 EUR


Available from the 31st of August:

4DSOUND Circadian Thursday/Friday pass – Electriciteitsfabriek* (starting 24 September from 19:00 – ending 25 September 23:00): 24 EUR

4DSOUND Circadian Friday/Saturday pass – Electriciteitsfabriek* (starting 25 September at 23:30 ending 26 September at 23:00): 24 EUR

4DSOUND Day pass – 25 / 26 September – Electriciteitsfabriek* (does not include Noqturnl and Techno Is Space): 12 EUR

4DSOUND Night Program single ticket – 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 September – Electriciteitsfabriek* (Noqturnl or Techno Is Space. Does not include day program)*: 15 EUR

Bright Collisions Friday – 25 September – Pier day program: 15 EUR
Bright Collisions Saturday – 26 September – Pier day program: 15 EUR
Bright Collisions Friday student discount – 25 September – Pier day program: 10 EUR
Bright Collisions Saturday student discount – 26 September – Pier day program: 10 EUR

Festival pass CJP discount – 24-27 September – Pier + Kurhaus + Electriciteitsfabriek + Bright Collisions: 42,50 EUR

* For some of the 4DSOUND programs reservations are required. This is only possible with a valid ticket. Registration will be available from the 31st of August.

TodaysArt visitors will receive a discount on booking their accommodation at F.A.S.T., a unique surf village, campsite and hostel on the boulevard of Scheveningen within walking distance from The Pier. Contact F.A.S.T. (mention you’re visiting TodaysArt) to find out prices and conditions via Other accommodation options will be published on our website on the 31st of August.

Now Confirmed:

Thursday 24 September:

Electriciteitsfabriek: 4DSOUND – Circadian: Lisa Park // Noqturnl (John Connell + Florence To) // Kazuya Nagaya

Friday 25 September:

Pier: Berndnaut Smilde // Daan Brinkmann + René Bakker + Daniel Berio – Chalk-E // Electric Indigo + Thomas Wagensommerer – Morpheme // Ellen Allien // Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand // Germaine Kruip // Group A // Lisa Park – Eunoia // Lotte Geeven // Mike Rijnierse – Klok // Rrose // Staalplaat Soundsystem (Geert-Jan Hobijn + Radboud Mens + Bastiaan Maris) – Zeero // Surf Lab ScheveningenLED Surfing // Vladimir Grafov // Yobkiss // Zamilska // Zoro Feigl – Kite

Kurhaus: Gordon Monahan – Speaker Swinging

Electriciteitsfabriek: 4DSOUND – Circadian: Marco Donnarumma // Michelle Lewis-King // Noqturnl (John Connell + Florence To) // Kazuya Nagaya // Robert Jan Liethoff

Saturday 26 September:

Pier: Acronym // Auntie Flo // Berndnaut Smilde // Cassegrain + Tin Man // Daan Brinkmann + René Bakker + Daniel Berio – Chalk-E // Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand // Germaine Kruip // HeHe – Radiant Beach // I-F // Ketev // Lisa Park – Eunoia // Lotte Geeven // Lorenzo Senni – AAT // Loscil // Lotic // Low Jack // Mike Rijnierse – Klok // DJ Nigga Fox // Prefuse 73 // Regis // Sebastien Robert // Session Victim // Seth Horvitz – James Tenney: Postal Pieces // Staalplaat Soundsystem (Geert-Jan Hobijn + Radboud Mens + Bastiaan Maris) – Zeero // Suicideyear // Surf Lab ScheveningenLED Surfing // Vladimir Grafov // Young Marco // Zoro Feigl – Kite

Electriciteitsfabriek: 4DSOUND – Circadian: Marco Donnarumma // Michelle Lewis-King // Noqturnl (John Connell + Florence To) // Kazuya Nagaya // Robert Jan Liethoff

Sunday 27 September:

Electriciteitsfabriek: 4DSOUND – Techno Is Space: Cassegrain // Oscar Mulero