TodaysArt joins forces with The Grey Space in the Middle for their series A Three Fold [stretching density]

A Three Fold is a recurring program organized by The Grey Space and composed of three parts: a culinary experience, a micro exhibition and a music and performance program. The audience moves through different spaces during the course of the multisensory event.



Thursday 23rd

16:00-22:00 Installations: Philip Vermeulen, Mia Zabelka, Karel van Laere
17:30-18:15 Q&A about Pauline Oliveros w/ Kristin Norderwal, Anne Wellmer, Mia Zabelka
18:30-21:00 Dinner: Iris Uffen (menu)
18:30-00:00 DJ: Leonard Prochazka
20:30-21:15 Performance: Mia Zabelka – For Pauline Oliveros

Friday 24 September

16:00-00:00 Installations: Philip Vermeulen, Mia Zabelka, Karel van Laere
18:30-21:00 Dinner: Julio Salsiccia (menu)
21:00-21:45 Performance: Zoë Mc Pherson (SHAPE artist)
21:45-22:30 Performance: Simon Grab + Yao Bobby
22:30-00:00 DJ: Lulu

Saturday 25 September

12:00-00:00 Installations: Philip Vermeulen, Mia Zabelka, Karel van Laere
17:30-18:15 Interview with Philip Vermeulen by Sanneke Huisman
18:30-21:00 Dinner: Lotte Holtappels (menu)
20:00-22:00 Performance: Philip Vermeulen + Studio Hendriksen
22:00-22:45 Performance: Mihalis Shammas
22:45-23:30 Performance: Hüma Utku (SHAPE artist)
23:30-00:00 DJ: LazerGazer

Sunday 26 September

12:00-18:00 Ongoing installations by Philip Vermeulen, Mia Zabelka, Karel van Laere



Thursday: €5,00 (performance Mia Zabelka, DJ Leonard Prochazka)

Friday: €10,00 (performances Simon Grab + Yao Bobby, Zoë Mc Pherson, DJ Lulu)

Saturday: €10,00 (performances Hüma Utku, Mihalis Shammas, DJ LazerGazer)

ThursdaySunday: Free Entrance (installations)

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Unfortunately we have a limited capacity due to the COVID-19 measures. Please make sure to arrive in time as we can’t guarantee access after the start of the event.
On Saturday the new COVID-19 measures will be in place. This means we can actually let go of the 1.5m distancing and you can stand and dance again (yay!!). This also means that unfortunately we will need to use CoronaCheck for this night and we can only provide entrance with QR code.

This hybrid event will take place physically at The Grey Space. If you can’t attend, tune into the livestream on Friday and Saturday via Mixcloud.


Zoë Mc Pherson and Hüma Utku are produced in collaboration with SHAPE Platform for Innovative Music and Audiovisual Art from Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union

Philip Vermeulen is presented in collaboration with We Are Europe.

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