TodaysArt Festival 2019: Consciousness

The Hague, 19 – 22 September 2019

Ever since its inception 2005, TodaysArt has been transforming the festival landscape, creating new sensory experiences by putting forward immersive art, experimental music and the best club headliners. For its 15th anniversary edition, the festival set foot in the Hague, but in a world that is very different from where it all started. An edition featuring immersive experiences, new media installations and pioneering performances; an edition reflecting on the past 15 years, but also on the opportunities for humanity in our digital future. This was TodaysArt 2019: “CONSCIOUSNESS.”

For its 15th edition, TodaysArt invited a cast of artists closely connected to the festival’s history. This included various emerging pioneers, along with some of the most progressive artists and strains in art and music that are defining our culture today. The locations this year ranged from industrial heritage to a full-scale theatre, a club designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and legendary underground spaces for the club program.

Every year, the festival’s program is embedded in a larger narrative. With themes like ‘Leap Into The Void’, ‘Sea of Random Data’ and ‘Conflict’, past editions sketched a rather bleak digital future. Instead of spinning off into a dystopian spiral, however, the organization felt that this year’s theme should be multifaceted, reflecting on darkness and light, ecological vulnerability and resourceful regeneration. With the theme “Consciousness”, TodaysArt 2019  explored how awareness can give new meaning and relevance to the human mind in a digital world, and how art, philosophy, creativity and eventually consciousness will become crucial to humanity in our rapidly changing society. With this theme, dystopian scenarios about black boxes and Artificial Intelligence were left behind, moving the focus to the opportunities of digital technology instead.

Apart from the theme, the global network and international partnerships of TodaysArt were also reflected in the festival program. Artists from the Ugandese festival Nyege Nyege, emerging talent from the European platform SHAPE, and programs co-curated with We Are Europe partners Insomnia and Sónar are part of TodaysArt’s extending network.

Festival Impressions

TodaysArt-Festival TodaysArt-Festival-club TodaysArt-Festival TodaysArt-Festival-push1stop TodaysArt-Festival-Matthew-Schreiber TodaysArt-Festival TodaysArt-Rushkoff TodaysArt-Festival-moon TodaysArt-Festival-exhibition TodaysArt-Festival TodaysArt-Festival TodaysArt-Festival-oceanic TodaysArt-Festival-Memo-Akten TodaysArt-Festival TodaysArt-Festival TodaysArt-Festival-Philip-Beesley TodaysArt-Festival-Koert-Van-Mensvoort TodaysArt-Festival-Koert-Van-Mensvoort TodaysArt-Linn-da-Quebrada-Paard TodaysArt-Linn-da-Quebrada-Paard TodaysArt-LNS TodaysArt-Memo-Akten TodaysArt-Matthew-Schreiber TodaysArt-Oktober-Lieber TodaysArt-Opening TodaysArt-Opening TodaysArt-Opening TodaysArt-Opening-Pablo-Valbuena TodaysArt-Philip-Beesley TodaysArt-Rushkoff TodaysArt-Ralf-Baecker TodaysArt-Ralf-Baecker TodaysArt-raster TodaysArt-Ryoichi-Kurokawa TodaysArt-Rushkoff TodaysArt-raster TodaysArt-Rushkoff TodaysArt-upsammy TodaysArt-Ron-Morelli TodaysArt-Festival TodaysArt-PAARD TodaysArt-Ableton-Showcase TodaysArt-Aisha-Devi TodaysArt-Caterina-Barbieri TodaysArt-Deathprod TodaysArt-Oktober-Lieber

Bodikhuu | Carolien Teunisse | Daria Shkeleva | Evelina Domnitch + Dmitry Gelfand | Gabey Tjon A Tham | Matthew Schreiber | Memo Akten | Pablo Valbuena | Philip Beesley | Ralf Baecker | Raster | Refik Anadol | Steven van Lummel | Sujata Majumdar

Live A/V & Tech-shows
Aïsha Devi ft. MFO present ∞E=TRv | Byetone | Caterina Barbieri + Ruben Spini | fuse* presents DÖKK | Joris Strijbos & Daan Johan | Kazuya Nagaya + Ali M. Demirel | patten | Push 1 Stop + Wiklow | Ryoichi Kurokawa | Tarik Barri + Lea Fabrikant

Bamao Yendé | Bendik Giske | Carla dal Forno | Cosmox | Crystallmess | Deadbeat | Deathprod | Ewa Justka | Gian | Golin | Hibotep | Jelly | Jonas Palzer + Victor | Katharina Ernst | Linn da Quebrada | LNS | Mad Miran | MCZO & Duke | Nihiloxica | Oberman | Greetje Bijma & Oceanic | Oktober Lieber | Ovatow | Ron Morelli | Sentimental Rave | Upsammy

Douglas Rushkoff | Daan Roovers  | Koert van Mensvoort | Maxim Februari | Pia Klemp | Srećko Horvat | Andrey Sebrant

Artist talks with:
Philip Beesley, Refik Anadol, Matthew Schreiber, Evelina Domnitch, Ralf Baecker, Memo Akten


Visit the festival website in both English and Dutch.

Watch the 2019 highlights from our Context Sessions live-stream.

The next edition takes place September 17-20, 2020 in The Hague, The Netherlands. Attend our Facebook Event.