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TodaysArt 2020: TRUST


What a way to impose an existential crisis to the world. In this time of transition, never have surveillance technology, misinformation, fake news and the idea of citizenship and global solidarity been so relevant. The common denominator: TRUST.

Trust is the feeling that somebody or something can be relied on. In this crisis, we are challenged with trust in governments, trust in media and science, but also trust in each other. Trust is the bridge between the known and the unknown.

Trust is the starting point for something very different. It’s the thread through the coming months. We trust in art and creativity. We trust in our longterm partners: artists, funders and culture organizations. We trust in you.

Will we really go back to normal? Is it even possible? Now is the time to come up with new ideas. The nature of TodaysArt is to sense what happens next. Stay tuned.

Until then, stay healthy and in touch with the community.
Sincerely, TodaysArt

TodaysArt 2020 FAQ


Will there be a festival edition this year? 

We are currently evaluating the kind of activity, in what form physical or digital and how TodaysArt will return this year. Stay tuned and follow us online. 


Can I buy Early Bird Tickets? 

As we are currently evaluating the activity for 2020, there are no tickets to be purchased yet. There will be an announcement once we know. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter. 


How can I support TodaysArt? 

We appreciate very much the support of our community. You can follow us on our online channels and support by attending the Facebook event and subscribe to our newsletter. If you have input on this year’s theme or have other inquiries, email us to: info [at]

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