After two years of intense collaboration, Gwyneth Wentink is leaving TodaysArt. We wish her all the best and luck in her further career and thank her for the contributions.

Personal Statement Gwyneth Wentink
”Two years passed by as my role of Artistic Director of TodaysArt. The adventure, enthusiasm, rebelliousness and zeal for new performing productions, the establishment of visibility for young and upcoming makers and dedication to connect emerging art forms and connect new ideas to society have motivated me intensely. I am very proud of the projects we have been able to produce over the past years and structure we have been able to accommodate in the organization, which has only been possible with the commitment of a spirited team.

There is a solitary reason why our way parts here. TodaysArt has been a tremendous platform; we have had opportunity to embark on many exciting undertakings. Due to upcoming projects in both the performing field as on the continuation and establishment of my personal enterprises, it is time to hand over the visionary position within TodaysArt and set sail for my own adventures, one is the development of my platform State of the United Arts and an immensely intense tour with the English Baroque Soloists for 9 months in 2017.

It has been a hard decision to make seeing the fruitful collaboration we have had so far. I have no doubt the future of TodaysArt is bright and keeps on challenging the status quo and creates opportunities for artists and thinkers to influence and shape our future. I am excited to follow the future projects and presentations, starting with the TodaysArt Festival 2016 in The Hague in a few weeks.

It has been an incredible 2 years and I would like to thank Director Olof van Winden, the whole TodaysArt team and last but not least of all the partners and artists for their trust, inspiration and loyalty.”