This year Sónar Festival & Sónar+D invite TodaysArt and c/o pop Festival to Barcelona

From 14 to 18 June, 2017, Barcelona-based Sónar & Sónar+D will host We are Europe activities for the second time. This year, the Spanish event welcomes Cologne-based c/o pop Festival & Convention and TodaysArtfrom the Netherlands. They will be responsible for performances, conferences and installations across the late-spring weekend.

TodaysArt will be presenting two shows: one from the influential member of the UK electronic music underground, Andy Stott—author of the graceful Too Many Voices, his most-recent LP— and a brand new work by Tarik Barri—who collaborated with Radiohead, Nicolas Jaar and Monolake— featuring vocals by sound-artist and photographer Lea Fabrikant.

c/o pop Festival will present performances by two of the best contemporary German artists: Roosevelt—balancing club music and chromatic electropop—and Lena Willikens, one of the most in demand dj’s of recent times, an impressive producer—a Krautrock and first wave of Berlin techno lover—who mixes synths and digital beats.

The We are Europe programme will also extend across Sónar+DTodaysArt will present Entropy, the inaugural show of this event fostering creativity, technology and business opportunities. Entropy is a scientific lecture by the astronomer and cosmologist Dr. Dida Markovic—featuring a live performance with American duo Dopplereffekt and designed by the digital arts label Antivj in collaboration with Elie Zananiri’s group, this lecture-performance represents the birth of our universe in a unique format.

In addition to performances, TodaysArt will illuminate the working methods and inspirations behind the artwork, through a “How do you work?” panel discussion between Tarik BarriNonotakAlba G. Corral and Playmodes. The Hague-based event will also present a talk by sound artist Francisco Lopez, who will explain his audio-mad and audio-DH projects.

In the meantime, c/o pop Convention will carry on the enthralling discussion—started last year—on the opportunities of the blockchain revolution with a panel, moderated by Bas Grasmayer and featuring Peter HarrisCliff Fluet and Blanca Rego. More activities are still to be announced.