Amsterdam + Online / Tolhuistuin, Muziekgebouw & Livestream

As the fall morphs into another phase, and October comes to completion, FIBER will explore the (in)ability to shapeshift into new ways of being. Under the new multi-year theme of ‘Mutation’, FIBER will showcase audiovisual performances, art installations and talksat Tolhuistuin, on 28, 29 and 30 October.

With the new multi-year theme ‘Mutation’ the programme will explore the (in)ability to shapeshift into new ways of being. Mutation can be seen as an unwanted development but might also present opportunities to change habits and minds. In the face of global emergencies, like the current pandemic and the climate disaster, the Western societies will need to leave behind their illogical separation from ‘nature’ and embrace fluidity. FIBER 2021 preludes a regular festival edition in May 2022.


A little bit on our Music & Performance Programme

On line-up are amongst others Zoë Mc Pherson with Alessandra Leone, presenting their brand new audiovisual show Fugue Extended, Torus and Mark Prendergast with audiovisual performance These Cars Do Not Exist, and upsammy + Sjoerd Martens with their new show Birds Sing Like The Horn Of A Truck. We’ll also see a live performance of DJ Tammo Hesselink with drummer Sjoerd Bartlema and a live A/V performance of Nelly Dragon and Leeza Pritychenko.


‘Hybrid Ecosystems’ (2021) – Entangled Others Studio
‘Becoming a Sentinel Species’ (2020) – Sissel Marie Tonn
Anthropocene Monsters (2021) – Timeaus
ALTERING SEQUENCES (2021) – Boris Acket

Overview Talks

Thursday 28 Oct
Talks Session #1 — Mutant Making: Saša Spačal & Orit Halpern
Artistic operations in more-than-human metabolisms
19:00—20:30 CEST

Talks Session #2 – Xeno Futures: Adriana Knouf & Mary Maggic
21:15—22:45 CEST

Friday 29 Oct
Talks Session #3 – Melting Mind & Body: Camille Barton & Victoria McKenzie
Breaking boundaries with embodied art, activism and the psyche
13:30—15:00 CEST

Talks Session #4 — If This Is Our End, What Then?: Thomas D. Moynihan & Alison Sperling
How to move forward during the sixth extinction?
16:00—17:30 CEST

Saturday 30 Oct
Talks Session #5 – There’s No Such Thing As Nature: Leanne Wijnsma, Grow Your Own Cloud
Towards a new understanding of entanglement
13:30—15:00 CEST

Talks Session #6 – Mutant Myths Worlds: Sahej Rahal & Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti
What if stories could challenge the fabric of our existence?
16:00—17:30 CEST

Talks Session #7 – Strange Relations: Maggie Roberts, Stephanie Moran & Špela Petrič
Exploring interspecies communication through AI and the arts
18:45—20:00 CEST


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