Nuits Sonores invites TodaysArt & Reworks Festival

From May 23rd to 28th, 2017, Lyon-based Nuits Sonores will host We are Europe activities for the second time. This year, the French event welcomes Thessaloniki-based Reworks Festival and TodaysArt from the Netherlands. They will be responsible for performances, conferences and installations.

Together Reworks Festival and TodaysArt will present the following artists at Nuits Sonores:

Ison | N.M.O. | Andre Bratten | Lady Leshurr | Fatima Yamaha | Marie Davidson | Moscoman | Mind Against | Lord of the Isles | Floating Points | KiNK | Soichi Terada |

Later this year Reworks Festival will also present several artists at TodaysArt, as part of this collaboration.