TodaysArt.NL 15  hosted the world premier of 4DSOUND: ‘Circadian’. From 24 to 27 September you could experience interactive spatial sound performances in various daytime, evening and overnight programs in the impressive E.ON Electriciteitsfabriek, a former turbine of E.ON’s power plant, measuring 40x40x60 meters. In addition to the 24-hour ‘Circadian’ programs – interdisciplinary works from a diverse set of artists all created exclusively with and for 4DSOUND – the presentation also included performances that are part of the 4DSOUND: ‘Techno Is Space’ program.

4DSOUND is a laboratory and cultural collective exploring Spatial Sound as a medium. Since 2008, it has developed an innovative Spatial Sound technology that has significantly improved and expanded the possibilities to create, perform and experience sound spatially. 4DSOUND is a fully omnidirectional sound environment, where the listener can appreciate Spatial Sound images in a virtually unlimited spatial continuum. Sound can move infinitely distant or intimately close to the listener: it moves around, as well as above, beneath, in between or right through them. A 4DSOUND environment allows for a natural reproduction of sound sources in a spatial environment. The loudspeakers are completely transparent: instead of listening to speakers, one is listening to space.

4DSOUND: ‘Circadian’ investigates how spatial listening influences conscious states throughout the day and night. Performances explore how to physically connect the listener with the surrounding space through movement, bio-physical media and psycho-acoustic stimulation. The program features sound and movement workshops, immersive sonic meditation, participative spatial performances, overnight collective dreamstate and talks. The ‘Circadian’ program features Lisa Park, Marco Donnarumma, Michelle Lewis-King, Kazuya Nagaya, Robert Jan Liethoff and the overnight a/v meditation project ‘Noqturnl’ by John Connell and Florence To.

The ‘Techno Is Space’ program features performances by Oscar Mulero and Cassegrain. The series explores the nature of spatial forms and energetic movements within techno, with artists reinterpreting techno through spatial sound composed for 4DSOUND’s omni-directional soundsystem. To supplement the soundsystem for these performances, 4DSOUND is teaming up with SubPac to outfit participants in the performances with wearable, wireless bass units.

Presented at

TodaysArt Festival 2015 – The Hague, NL

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Project website – 4DSOUND