The ZERO artists of the 60s had an unconditional desire for what was yet to come. They wanted to aim high with their minimalist art work. They no longer felt anchored to the earth; on the final page of one of the magazines published by ZERO there is a photograph of a rocket that lifts off into the sky. On the ten pages leading up to that photo, there is a countdown to the lift-off. Now, on the opening night of TodaysArt 2015, we will pay homage to ZERO’s fascination with space with a symbolic rocket launch on the East platform of The Pier. TodaysArt, Mike Rijnierse, Floris van Bergeijk, Thomas Koopmans and Arjan van Drunen joined forces to create this spectacular son et lumière, which will not pass by unnoticed in Scheveningen.


Concept & Design: Mike Rijnierse & Ludmila Rodrigues
Sound design: Floris van Bergeijk (audio) + Thomas Koopmans (installation)
Pyrotechnics: Arjan van Drunen
Assistance: Dario Gustriani & Joel Thurman

Presented at

TodaysArt Festival 2015 – The Hague, NL


More info

Artist website – Mike Rijnierse