A transparent payment solution for festivals using blockchain technology

“Changing the game for cultural events and festivals in Europe, by implementing decentralised blockchain based solutions.”

The “Blockchain My Art” project is an attempt, to explore the possibilities offered by the blockchain technology in the creation and management of common goods in the artistic sector. We plan to focus on practices in the field of music festivals, capitalising on their capacity to gather a lot of people in few venues for few days. In 2018, a blockchain based payment solution will be developed among the “Blockchain My Art” partners. That solution is aimed to strengthen the audience involvement by giving them real-time information about where their money goes.

Blockchain My Art aims at redefining the relations between cultural structures and their ecosystems. The project proposes a performative redefinition of the cultural production chain, transparency and interactions to audience. A paradigm shift towards decentralised identities, self-empowered digital interactions and transparency. A rethinking of cultural exchanges – pioneered by European festivals and cultural partners.

Visit for more information: BlockchainMyArt