CineChamber is an 8×12 metre space equipped with an 8.8.2 multi- channel soundsystem, a 360-degree projection system on 10 screens and custom-applied kinetic floor vibration units. The space fits 150 visitors who dive into this immersive sound and image experience, not only with their ears but with their whole body.

CineChamber can be “played” live or manipulated as an audiovisual instrument and urges artists the opportunity to take their creative impulse to further ranges of aural, optical and cinematic expression. Contributing artists will be confirmed in the following months, featuring a selection of international and local artists that will be invited for a live performance or to compose works for the CineChamber.



CineChamber is a co-production between TodaysArt, CTM (Berlin), ORF-Musikprotokoll (Graz), Cimatics (Brussels) and CYNETART (Dresden) within the framework of the E.C.A.S. (European Cities of Advanced Sound and Related Arts) Network’s current project ‘Festival as a Lab’, supported by the European Commission.

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