TodaysArt and TU Delft are CROSSING PARALLELS

CROSSING PARALLELS brings together artists and scientists to collaborate on innovative projects, stimulate future technologies, and reflect upon scientific inventions and its challenges for society at large.

Art, science and technology are disciplines which share many parallels: both are forms of research into the unknown and undiscovered and both contribute to the development of new visions. Social, cultural, economic and, above all, ethical issues are becoming more and more complex, and increasingly intertwined with one another. Cross-disciplinary collaborations and creativity are needed to deal with this complexity. With a strong belief in the importance of sharing knowledge between different scientific domains and the art world, TodaysArt and Delft University of Technology founded CROSSING PARALLELS — a platform where artists, researchers and students engage in a multi-directional exchange, integrating their creativity and fresh perspectives with scientific methods and educational formats. The exchange between this two worlds shapes a valuable reflection on today’s technological developments and serves as a basis for inspiration flowing both ways.

Striving for cross-disciplinary exchange, CROSSING PARALLELS aims to work as an open platform. To involve people not directly participating in its residency programme, collaborations, processes and content of the projects are documented and published. Furthermore, CROSSING PARALLELS hosts public events such as workshops, talks and exhibitions.

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Supported by the Mondriaan Fund.