Dopplereffekt, AntiVJ, scientists and coders

Entropy, is an extraordinary audiovisual performance by sonic pioneer Dopplereffekt and digital arts label Antivj in collaboration with a community of scientists and artist-coders. 

Part sonic exploration and part visual odyssey, Entropy takes you on a cosmic journey through space and time. Unfolding as an immersive audiovisual performance, Entropy weaves talks by astronomers Dr. Dida Markovic and Dr. Zaz Magic, visualizations of real astronomical data by Yannick Jacquet of Antivj and Elie Zananiri, and a live musical score by Dopplereffekt into a gripping narrative. It pieces together the latest discoveries in cosmology and stellar astrophysics to tell the epic life story of the universe and its stars.

Conceived by Dopplereffekt founder and Drexciya member Gerald Donald, together with Dr. Dida Markovic of the Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (ICG) in Portsmouth and Dr. Zaz Magic of the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen, Entropy seeks to reinvent scientific storytelling on the one hand, and develop new tools to imagine, display and stage scientific data and narratives on the other. With that second goal in mind, the team has taken the unorthodox step of releasing their software and applications as open-source, encouraging art and science communities to use, modify and contribute to the Entropy project themselves – to contribute, join at


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