The National Centre for Contemporary Arts (NCCA) in collaboration with TodaysArt and the Moscow City Galleries Network present ‘LUCIDA Space’, an exhibition dedicated to the phenomenon of light in contemporary arts. The exhibition will take place in four different venues.

The curators of this large-scale exhibition project aim to demonstrate the strategy of light as an artistic medium in all it’s diversity, also revealing the main vectors of the development of optical forms in contemporary art. The exhibition features works by established as well as upcoming artists from Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and the United States. The audience is challenged to start their own dialogue and exploration, revealing new perspectives in the ways we experience and relate to our environment and contemporary culture.

In NCCA the presented works in ‘LUCIDA Space’ will appear as a unique total installation, in which light will function as a true actor, as a visual message and as a mediator between the artistic concept and the perception of the audience, forming a pure and magical reality.

In the venues of the Moscow City Galleries Network the exhibition will be divided into different themes. The State Art Gallery “Na Kashirke” will demonstrate light as a phenomenon in media such as cinema and photography and as a conceptual object. In the State Exhibition Hall “Peresvetov pereulok” the exhibition will be dedicated to the discourse of the evolution of light as a phenomenon in arts: from painting to new media. In the State Exhibition Hall “Belyaevo” the exhibition will be devoted to the ideas of the russian artist Kazimir Malevitch, discovering the shift of natural light to artificial light, which now dominates contemporary art practises.
Alongside the exhibition a vast educational program will be presented: over the course of the exhibition there will be lectures of famous experts in the field of visual arts concerning the ways light is used in media, fashion, design, architecture and in urban settings. In the framework of the parallel program in NCCA there will be a showcase of experiments with light in the field of cinema: the work of John Cage “One 11 with 103” and the work of the director Peter Tscherkassky, “Instruction for light and sound machines”.



January 31th – March 16, 2014


National Centre for Contemporary Art, Moscow

The Program

Artists Tatyana Badanina | Eric Bulatov | John Cage, | Marina Chernikova | Anouk De Clercq | Alexey Dyakov | Mariska de Groot | Francisco Infante | Roman Inkeles | Ilya Kabakov | Sergey Katran | Andreas Kaufmann | Anna Koleychuk | Vyacheslav Koleychuk | Tatyana and Sergey Kostrikov | Oleg Koshelets | Maxim Ksuta|Alexander Lysov | molitor&kuzmin (Vladimir Kuzmin and Ursula Molitor) | Matthijs Munnik | Anton Olshvang | Alexander Pankin | Alexander Pettai | Vladimir Potapov | The Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia (Moscow) | Mikhail Roshnyak | Sergey Shutov | Vladimir Smolyar | Vladimir Tarasov | Peter Tcherkassky | Gabey Tjon a Tham | Leonid Tishkov | Alla Urban | Iannis Xenakis | Maria Yakunina | Sergey Zagny |

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