TodaysArt X HKU X ACM

Since 2017 TodaysArt has been in contact with the Arts Council of Mongolia. This organisation is seeking to develop the art and cultural scene of Mongolia. It is an interesting and vibrant market on the rise and therefore we will give two HKU students the chance to research the further possibilities of this partnership. These students are part of the Minor International Arts & Cultural Management at the University of Arts Utrecht.

They will travel to this beautiful land to meet with possible stakeholders to see and document why Mongolia has such an upcoming market and to develop future plans to fortify a bilateral relationship between the organizations.

Previous collaboration with ACM

The collaboration started during the 2nd Ulaanbaatar International Media Art Festival in 2017. TodaysArt was part of the festivals program as a co-speaker during the Media Art Workshop. The next year we became an official partner of the 3rd UBIMAF 2018, where they provided a group of media artists. For the 4th UBIMAF 2019, we were asked to be the co-curator of the festival. Thus, the last three years we’ve already been developing the collaboration between TodaysArt and the Arts Council of Mongolia.

Impression of 4th UBIMAF 2019

"Shining Horses"

Each year prior to the festival there is a contest for local Mongolian artists to win a international artist residency program. This contest is established in 2017 by The Arts Council of Mongolia in collaboration with the Kahn Bank Foundation.


Former winners of the “Shining Horses”:

2017 – Bat-Erdene Batchuluun
2018 – Human, Nature, Love and Freedom art movement
2019 – Bodikuu, also known as Munkhbaatar Surenjav