Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham) [AU] will bring his Vinyl Rally to The Hague for TodaysArt. Vinyl Rally combines vinyl fetishism, video arcade mystique and the machismo of motor sports into a video game played within a real world setting. Imagine racing remote-controlled cars with styli (record needles) attached to their chassis across a track constructed from over 6.000 disused vinyl records.

A ludic, tactile experience of noise art your grandmother would queue to have a go at” – Dan Mackinlay, Realtime.


Australia’s extreme noise talents Lucas Abela, currently enjoying a meteoric rise to fame in the more grubby music scenes of Sydney and Tokyo. Known for his extreme use of amplified finger nails on rather dangerous lumps of high spinning concrete, Lucas has recently taken up another excruciating instrument of sonic torture… the violin. At a concert in Sydney last year he tried to squeeze his audience into a telephone box (or those daft enough to follow him out of the concert space and down the street…) at the time of going to print, the following information was sent to us…

Presented at:

TodaysArt Festival 2011 – The Hague, NL

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Artist website – Lucas Abela