Selected press and media coverage

Resident Advisor – 04/10/2017
“There’s no distinction between visual art and music, code is the new tool, and the club is the place for discovery and innovation”

Trax Magazine – 02/10/2017
“Dutch festival TodaysArt pushed techno boundaries and set speakers on fire”

Crack Magazine – 02/10/2017
“Laurel Halo, Ron Morelli, Marie Davidson and more announced fro TodaysArt”

NRC Handelsblad – 25/09/2017
“Toonladders trillen op emoties tijdens TodaysArt in Den Haag”

Creators by VICE – 20/09/2017
“Dingen die je beter niet kan missen op TodaysArt”

DJBroadcast – 25/09/2017
“DJB Report: TodaysArt 2017”

Red Light Radio – 15/09/2017
“TodaysArt on Red Light Radio”