Installation Spectrum appears in the brand-new Amare Theatre for two weeks

TodaysArt and We Are Europe co-present Spectrum by Schweigman& and Cocky Eek, hosted at the new Amare Theatre from December 16 to January 2.

Is it theatre? Is it visual art? Is it a light installation? Spectrum by Schweigman& cannot be pigeonholed, but it is an adventure in any case. As a visitor you fall into the darkness to awaken in an endless color spectrum. Spectrum, by Schweigman& in collaboration with The Hague-based designer Cocky Eek, can be experienced for two weeks (December 16 to January 2) at the brand-new Amare theatre in The Hague.





Special about Spectrum is the fusion of different art forms: dramaturgy – with the emphasis on the visitor’s experience –, the design by designer Cocky Eek (Blaas, Curve), the composition by light artist Matthijs Munnik and the soundscapes by The Hague-based composer Yannis Kyriakides.

An amazing skyscape in a brilliant display of light and sound, Volkskrant ★★★★

An array of emotions, NRC ★★★★


Spectrum can be experienced three times a day in the brand-new theatre Amare from December 16 to January 2. Tickets for visitors are available on Amare’s online agenda.

PLEASE NOTE: Spectrum is not suitable for people with walking difficulties, and people with serious back and neck complaints or serious balance problems.


About Schweigman&
In a world brimming with stimuli and information, we risk losing contact with perhaps our most important compass: our body. Schweigman&’s work sharpens the senses, allows you to observe with your whole body and thus increases your involvement in the world around you. www.


Spectrum is presented in collaboration with We Are Europe, international platform co-funded by the Creative Europe program. Cocky Eek is our selection for this year’s We Are Europe artists roster.

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