With a few solid nights of rest behind us – ample time for reflection – we’re STILL basking in the warm glow of TodaysArt 2016. For two days and two nights, the Spuiplein, Theater aan het Spui, the Filmhuis Den Haag and Pulchri Studio were jam-packed with throngs of curious, adventurous and open-minded spectators eagerly and voraciously consuming our festival programme.

The energy and the atmosphere were incredible. We honestly couldn’t have dared dream for more. The rousing response to Hiroaki Umeda’s opening Intentional Particle and the dancing ovation to an initially seated, but incredibly infectious Pantha du Prince show. The crowd swarming Myriam Bleau after soft revolvers, and the stirring and attentive appreciation of everything from Klara Lewis to Limpe Fuchs, the debates, discussion and protests on the Spuiplein and two brimming performances of the world premiere of Entropy. The dizzying Footwork frenzy sandwiched between punishing sets by SØS Gunver Ryberg and Paula Temple, and the sweltering body music of our new favorite Charlotte Bendiks. They’re all moments and memories we will cherish fondly.

This may have been a slightly more intimate festival, but TodaysArt 2016 will go into the books as the edition that shocked, surprised and blew us away. For that, we’d like to thank the artists, the crew, the volunteers and, most of all, our audience. We can’t wait to welcome you back next year!

And on that note, the following VERY important news:

First, and foremost, we’re definitely, 100% coming back next year. You can already mark the 22nd and 23rd of September, 2017 in your calendar. The exact details, the where and who, will follow soon.

Second, our agoras are staying put. We’d hinted at it before, but TodaysArt 2016 was just the start of our Spuiplein intervention. The agoras, part of the ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles], Collective Works and Refunc-led RUIMTE project, will be repaired and fortified in concrete, and become a lasting feature of the Spuiplein – to be used (and abused) by the public as they see fit.

Third, we’ve got pictures! Maurice Mikkers, Mark Wahono, Stephan Kaffa, Marc Mikaelian, Sebastian Rodriguez and Jan Rijk were on hand to capture the incredible energy and atmosphere of TodaysArt 2016.

That’s all for now. Stay up to date with TodaysArt by checking in on our .org, signing up for our bi-weekly newsletter, and our Facebook and Instagram channels. Thanks again for making TodaysArt great again and see you at TodaysArt 2017!