New collaboration and co-presentation in Mexico City 

 TodaysArt is proud to announce a new collaboration with COCOLAB and the TAG CDMX festival (Mexico City, MX). During TAG CDMX festival (June 28-30) TodaysArt and COCOLAB will co-present multiple artists and performances.

For this occasion COCOLAB developed a new installation called ‘White Canvas’, an immersive performance involving over three hundred robotic lights brought into motion with audio collaboration of Aldo Arechar and Carlo Metta (Mexico) and Before Tigers (Belgium). Refik Anadol is invited to present ‘Infinity Room’, which is an immersive room which radiates projected generative patterns across its four walls. This installation algorithmically generates the limitless using light, sound, project and mirrors to blur the lines between factual and fictional, physical and virtual. Finally, Olof van Winden (TodaysArt) and Josué Ibánez (COCOLAB / OFF México) and Hector Ayuso (OFFF Barcelona), will give a presentation about inspiring and engaging local communities through global networks and advanced art, design, innovation and creativity.

TAG CDMX is an annual festival based in Mexico City that invites young people to interact with global and local figures from the creative industries. TAG CDMX believes that innovation and creativity happen when fields, topics, communities and projects converge and nurture each other. Through a series of keynotes, panels, experiences, workshops and performances, the audience can find inspiration, discover, learn and leave with a better understanding of how to succeed in doing what they love as they inspire others.