TodaysArt is excited to announce a creative partnership with El Boutique Creative Group to host REUSE from April 1–3 in Kuwait.

Initially envisioned in 2007 by Zahed Sultan, REUSE is a modular platform for progressive culture and society in the Arab world. For its Kuwait edition in 2016 REUSE will emphasize the informal exchange of ideas between participants and attendees, rather than following a conventionally structured program of events. REUSE invited Tim Terpstra from TodaysArt as a guest curator. The program consists of performances, installations, collaborations, workshops and talks by international artists as well as artists from Kuwait and the Arab world. Over the course of a weekend, REUSE will host a dynamic public program at DAI (Yarmouk) in partnership with Zain. When the sun sets, a series of live performances will close each day in partnership with the Red Bull Music Academy. On April 3, REUSE will host a final evening at Shaheed Park with informal chats, panels, and workshops.

The program features:
Aaron Kim [DE/KR] | Altersal [KW] | Cheb Moha [IR/CA] | Cosmo [BH] | Daan Brinkmann [NL] | David Munir Nabti [LB] | Empty1/4 [KW] | Fari B. + Chris Weaver [UK/IR] | Jawa [KW] | Karim Sultan [AE] | Magic Island [PL] | Maotik [CA/QC] | Maurice Mikkers [NL] | Nicholson [IN] | NONOTAK [FR] | Norimichi Hirakawa [JP] | Refunc [NL] | The ERA [US] | + Many more

Zain | Red Bull Music Academy | Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah (DAI) | l’Institut français du Koweït

Website + tickets: