Geert-Jan Hobijn did a residency and workshop and a presentation and performance with Gwyneth Wentink as part of the TodaysArt x CMMAS collaboration in Mexico

After Geert-Jan Hobijn’s residency and workshop in Morelia, Hobijn and Gwyneth Wentink gave a presentation and concert at Visiones Sonoras, as part of the TodaysArt x CMMAS and TodaysArt collaboration in Mexico. CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras), the Mexican platform for music and sonic arts, held its 11th edition of Visiones Sonoras from 6 – 10 October.

The Kids Cobra Workshop by Geert-Jan Hobijn formed the start of the children and education program Acercamientos Sonorous.

Visiones Sonoras, the international festival for music and new technologies realized by CMMAS, is a project developed in the city of Morelia in order to connect artists and students, to create new audiences and to foster and promote the creation of music with the advent of new technologies. During the festival, CMMAS was turned into a reference in music innovation and avant-garde technology, with talks and performances by artist and makers from different corners of the world.

Through concerts and art installations, the festival held unique projects and allowed the audience to appreciate and experience some of the most diverse ways of understand the world of contemporary creation, all in order to connect to an open and critical audience with demonstrations of the most representative trends in electronic music today.

In turn, the festival provides opportunities for learning and discussion, conferences and workshops on specific aspects of composing and performing music with technology, and promotes reflection on the implications of using such tools in the creative process by meeting composers and their works.

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