Just before the end of an exciting year we proudly present the TodaysArt.NL Festival 2015 film!

The eleventh edition of TodaysArt.NL took place in two venues; The Pier in Scheveningen and the E.ON Electriciteitsfabriek. Inspired on this iconic Pier on the North Sea, ‘Zero on Sea’ and contemporary developments in arts and society, TodaysArt transformed The Pier into an unique festival location. Over 30.000 visitors experienced works, interventions, performances, club nights, an upper deck party, the world premiere of the 4DSOUND ‘Circadian’ program and a two-day Bright Collisions symposium.

The year has nearly come to an end and we are very proud to launch the official TodaysArt.NL festival 2015 film. This film, together with the TodaysArt.JP 2015 film (to be released before the end of the year), represents a vast part of our activities and we are excited to share it with you. Both films are the culmination of a long term collaboration between TodaysArt, Tanja Busking, Kim Idsinga and their many collaborators. Tanja and her team made big steps over the past years, which this year results in a comprehensive narrative film of nearly 14 minutes. The film takes you back and shows (in some cases unseen) all elements, expressions and atmospheres of the festival.