TodaysArt partners with Sensorium Festival in Bratislava

As part of the collaboration TodaysArt brings Gabey Tjon a Tham's Red Horizon to the creative technology festival

Sensorium Festival takes place in Bratislava for the third year, gathering renowned creative minds working in the field of creative technology.

From May 4-5, the festival presents talks, stunning audiovisual performances and art installations. Themes this year revolve around interactive architecture, imersive environments and virtual reality. Festival headliners include designer / engineer Joachim Sauter and electronic music producer Lanark Artefax amongst others.

For the first time, TodaysArt collaborates with Sensorium. As part of the partnership, we’re bringing Red Horizon by The Hague artist Gabey Tjon a Tham to the festival. Red Horizon creates a swarm of light and sound; a combination of chaos and precision, appearance and intention.

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