TodaysArt brings a series of A/V live performances to Austria

We are Europe is entering its third year and our first stop is Elevate. The critical critical political discourse and contemporary music & art festival Elevate, from Graz, Austria has invited TodaysArt and Reworks to curate stages and panels in both its music and discourse program.

TodaysArt will take over Graz’s Orpheum on Friday night with a series of four A/V live performances by Australian/Iceland-based Ben Frost & German MFO, Austrian guitarist and producer Fennesz & Swedish media artist Lillevan, international Graz-based Schallfeld Ensemble & Croatian visual art studio Onoxo and Austrian violinist Mia Zabelka & designer and visual artist Tina Frank.

As part of its Discourse program, Elevate invites TodaysArt and Reworks Agora to work around topics such as activism, risk and courage and the refugee crisis.

The first panel gathers Peter Harris (founder of Resonate platform), Spanish activist and researcher Manuel Beltrán, Maxime Faget (co-founder of SeaNaps festival) and Thomas Zeinzinger (co-founder of Blockchain Graz). It will explore the themes of new activists for European culture from the blockchain revolution angle.

Further, TodaysArt and Elevate will also approach the topic of taking risk in the field of art by inviting the Russian activist Voina Group, activist and theater director Angela Richter, CEO of Belarus Free Theater Natalia Kaliada, filmmaker and researcher Simone Rowat and Manuel Beltrán.

Both panels will be moderated by our very own Margarita Osipian from TodaysArt.

Elevate – Music, Arts & Political Discourse 2018
28 February – 04 March, 2018
Graz, Austria

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