Step inside audiovisual shows and immersive installations from TodaysArt Festival 2019


TodaysArt is bringing the festival experience to its visitors’ homes. With the first VR experiment, you can step inside TodaysArt Festival 2019. At front center of the stage, you can attend Koen Herfst’s stunning audio-visual drum performance, and step inside raster’s light / sound installation in the industrial scenery of The Hague’s former electricity plant (De Electriciteitsfabriek). 

We recommend watching the 360 video on a phone (in the YouTube app) or on a  laptop. Wear headphones for a more immersive experience.

While we cannot wait to reconnect in physical space again, and we believe in live events over digital, we are further exploring immersion in VR, 360 and 3D. With our new TodaysArt 360 Lab, we are working on something special for an activity, September, 17-20 —  TodaysArt 2020: TRUST  


The shows were recorded at TodaysArt Festival 2019. 19-21 September 2019, The Hague, The Netherlands.  

Production credits: UC360 and Leonardo Scarin