TodaysArt adds 20 artists performing the most progressive festival in music, art and digital culture.

Taking place in the centre of The Hague, September 21-23 with over 10+ stages, the lineup features some incredible A/V concerts and fully immersive 360° audio-visual live shows.

Artists added to the bill include Rone, Oneohtrix Point Never and his multimedia concertscape Myriad, Lotic and Roderick George with a dance performance piece, as well as Lanark Artefax one of the most hailed names in electronic music this year. Next to truly enthralling audio-visual shows, our club lineup also includes DJ LAG from South Africa and SHAPE artists Deena Abdelwahed, Sarah Farina, Vladimir Ivkovic and Caterina Barbieri amongst many others.

Confirmed Program


Caterina Barbieri   |  Dasha Rush (live A/V) – Les Territoires Ephemeres  |  Han Bennink  | Jaap Blonk  |  Lotic & Roderick George  |  Oneohtrix Point Never – MYRIAD  |  Shed (live A/V)  |  Transforma & Sascha Ring – Manufactory   |   

Dome 360:

Alex Augier & Alba G. Corral – end(O)  |  Desaxismundi & Terminal Wolf – Inertia    Fraction, Louis-Philippe St-Arnault & Guillaume Bourassa – Entropia  |  Nonotak VERSUS  | Woulg & Push 1 stop – Interpolate


Apparat  |  Bonaventure  |   Dasha Rush  |  Deena Abdelwahed   |  Kiefer  |  Kuniyuki  |  DJ Lag  |  Lakuti  |  Lanark Artefax  |  MNDSGN  |  Nkisi   |   Rone  |  Sarah Farina  |  Suicideyear  |  Vladimir Ivkovic


Guy Ben-Ary – cellF  


Check our brand new website for full lineup.
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