With the 2017 edition right on our horizon, we proudly present the TodaysArt 2016 film—encapsulating the festival and stirring up memories.

For one full weekend, the Spuiplein, Theater aan het Spui, Filmhuis Den Haag and Pulchri Studio were jam-packed with throngs of curious, adventurous and open-minded spectators eagerly and voraciously consuming our festival programme.

The energy and the atmosphere were incredible. From the rousing response to Hiroaki Umeda’s Intensional Particle, which opened the festival, to the dancing ovation for an incredibly infectious Pantha du Prince show. The crowd swarming Myriam Bleau after soft revolvers, and the stirring and attentive appreciation of the audience for everything from Paul Jebanasam and Tarik Barri to Klara Lewis and Limpe Fuchs. Debates, discussion and protests overtook the Spuiplein and two enthralling performances of the world premiere of Entropy gave us a new perspective on the universe. The dizzying footwork frenzy of DJ Earl sandwiched between punishing sets by SØS Gunver Ryberg and Paula Temple, and the sweltering body music of our new favorite Charlotte Bendiks. These are all moments and memories we will cherish fondly.

This 6 min film takes you back, showing the diversity of the program, disciplines and forms of creative expression.

We would like to thank the artists, the crew, the volunteers and especially our audience for making the 2016 festival a great success!

Film by:
Tanja Busking
Seppe Ovink
Koen Dijkstra
Jonathan Sipkema
Tim Berghuis