Now confirmed: Daito Manabe, Kyle McDonald, Jonas Jongejan, Michela Pelusio, c / a, Avinash Changa

This year, TodaysArt invites visitors to enter fully immersive universes made of code, light, lasers, sound, images and moving objects. The festival , reveals several projects and installations that forge genuine new paths in artistic expression through technology.  With shows by Oneohtrix Point Never, Dasha Rush, Lanark Artefax, Lotic and more, large scale light installations and performances add  profound and unusual experiences to the festival site.

The festival audience is teleported into the magical world of Light Leaks. The work by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan that consists of one dark room, three projectors, 50 disco balls mapped with a well-planned lighting sequences creating a fully immersive shower of light particles.

Japanese artist Daito Manabe returns to TodaysArt with the national premiere of one of his newest projects: ‘phosphere’, a large scale three dimensional performance he directed for his art studio Rhizomatiks Research and dance troupe ELEVENPLAY. It consists of a dancing space as a perfectly synchronised audiovisual installation component, combining mirrors, smoke machines, lasers and video projectors to create a full spatial experience. ‘phosphere’ in  terms of media technology is  groundbreaking, as it involves omnidirectional video projections that interact with the dancers, using motion capture to trace movements and instantaneously converting these into video.

Michela Pelusio presents Space Time Helixa mesmerizing performance inspired by elementary particle physics, quantum physics, and string theory. SpaceTime Helix is a custom optoacoustic instrument, creating a giant vertical standing wave in a white string, forming a large helicoid up to 15 meters. In this performance, Michela bends space, light, matter, and sound into helical symmetries and infinity. SpaceTime Helix was created in 2012 and has since been played at several arts and science events and electronic music art festivals like Mutek, Bozar Electronic and many more. It will have it’s Dutch premiere at TodaysArt.

The anonymous post-genre music duo c / a (pronounced ‘cslasha’) arose from the Turkish underground. The two artists experiment in the fields of audio, visuals and mixed reality and have made it their mission to pioneer the area of magical digitalism. Their latest live mixed reality performance, HYPER_HOLOGRAM, incorporates applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning.



Running parallel to the audiovisual performances, club program, and exhibitions, the Context Program serves to elucidate and expand on the central themes of the festival through lectures, panel discussions, and workshops.

Some of the program’s first highlights include a keynote by Avinash Changa(WeMakeVR), followed by a panel discussion on Technology Beyond Borders; inspired by the WIRED documentary ‘Holy Land: Startup Nations, this panel explores technology as a potential tool for growth and development beyond geographic and bureaucratic constraints.

The full line up including all music and club acts can be found on our festival website.

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